Family Media

Automatically import photos and videos from your phone to your computer

We use PhotoSync for mobile. Why? Sorting is customizable: Media is dumped to a single folder, each device has its own folder and there is a separate folder for videos and photos, all organized by date. It’s automatic, either by GPS location or when charging. No iCloud subscription needed, but the app does have a premium unlock. Tips We’ve paid for the upgraded version. Every phone and tablet I have has it installed, set up to auto transfer when charging.

Rating photos for the future

It’s important to have a consistent idea behind rating photos so that in the future you can sort through thousands of photos properly. My rating system I start by rating all my photos in the middle with three stars, and then I rate up or down from there: 1 Star: I might want to delete this 2 Stars: Not ideal for my private galleries, but not something I should delete 3 Stars: The default all photos start at 4: Stars: I like it 5: Stars: I’m amazed How to efficiently rate everything I use Photo Mechanic (before importing anything to Lightroom) to rate everything super fast.