Stuck: Can't advance in GTA 5 past Caida Libre

I’ve been stuck and haven’t been able to see the yellow ring on the ground to advance past the Caida Libre mission on GTA V. I did not have a save game to restore to. Solution: Make sure you’re far away or down the street from the mission starting point and hail a cab. (Do this via your contact list on your phone.) Tell the taxi to take you to the green Michael “M” mission.

Make More Room in Google Calendar for Automatically Updating iCal Feeds

Go to your calendar settings and set your 4 day custom calendar to either 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much space you need per day. That calendar will morph into the style of the monthly calendar, just with more space for events.Then you can use awesome custom iCal feeds that automatically update, like: Movies & TV: DVD Movies Blu-ray Movies Custom TV Show Schedule This one is a bit more difficult and requires you to host a php script on a web server (which I can provide through my hosting company), but it’s my favorite and the single most useful thing I’ve ever added to my Google Calendar (I used to track TV shows manually before).

Duke Nukem 3D HRP Multiplayer

Download Duke Nukem 3D and install it. Download Duke HRP and install it to the Duke3D directory. Download YANG. Run YANG. On the Source Ports config screen of YANG - Tell it where where eDuke3D.exe is in that Duke3D directory. On the Source Ports config screen of YANG - Give it the same directory as above for the TC/Mods path below. Create a room in YANG, on the right select “game.

Use cheat codes in Doomsday for Doom, Hexen or Heretic

To use cheat codes in Doomsday for Doom, Hexen or Heretic, just press the tilde key (~) and type cheat, put a space and then use any one of the original cheat codes. Example: cheat nra This gives me all the weapons in Hexen. Hexen Cheat Codes Heretic Cheat Codes Doom Cheat Codes

List of CC Spells for Power Aura's Classic

Stuns Kidney Shot/Hammer of Justice/Cheap Shot/Maim/Charge Stun/Intercept/Concussion Blow/Pounce/Shadowfury/Deep Freeze/Gnaw/Intimidation/Repentance/Impact/Blackout Silences Silence/Strangulate/Counterspell/shield bash/bash/pummel/kick/Mind freeze/earth shock/spell lock Roots Entangling Roots Snares Polymorph/Freezing Trap/Frost Nova/Frostbite/Hex Slows Slow/Typhoon/Hamstring/Daze/Wing Clip/Earthbind/Piercing Howl Disorient Cyclone/Blind/Fear/Banish/Psychic Scream/Mind Control/Wyvern Sting/Seduction/Shackle Undead/Hibernate/Mind Control/Sap/Turn Evil/Scatter Shot/Scare Beast/Gouge/Howl of Terror/Death Coil/Intimidating Shout

Edit Games in the Windows 7 Games Explorer

Someone has developed a tool that enables you to edit your Games Explorer in Windows 7 (or Vista). You can add missing box art quite easily.Before (random screenshot in Vista): My Games Explorer in Windows 7:

Logitech G5 vs. Razer Diamondback

Logitech G5 Pros: Side buttons very nice Shape Texture is coarse for grip but perfectly comprtable Cons: Worst mouse wheel I can recall using Very stiff, hard to click the button Hard to press the button without accidentally scrolling Stiff mouse cord tugs and pushes the mouse around a little Razer DiamondbackPros: Buttons are fantastic Quiet Large surface area Easy to press Texture is perfect The mouse wheel is great Mouse cord is thin and doesn’t bother you Software has almost too much adjustments available Cons:

Call of Duty 4 has the ability to turn respawns off!

I’ve been waiting for it since Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, a game that actually has the option to turn respawning off! This makes dying SUCK instead of a minor inconvenience and makes everyone play more carefully, rather than running around and clicking at random shit.