Streaming Errors with VLC on the Raspberry Pi

I’ve had tons of problems setting up my Raspberry Pi (specifically the first edition) for playing radio in sync over udp or rtp. I’ve managed to find a solution! I would get errors such as: @4000000056b8e5e40747ea1c [01ab9840] core audio output error: module not functional @4000000056b8e5e40748289c [b5d19f50] core decoder error: failed to create audio output @4000000056b8e5ed36fb571c [b4e001f8] http access: Raw-audio server found, mp3 demuxer selected @4000000056b8e5ee04fb0c1c ALSA lib pcm_hw.c:1667:(_snd_pcm_hw_open) Invalid value for card @4000000056b8e5ee0517276c [01ab9840] alsa audio output error: cannot open ALSA device "default": No such file or directory @4000000056b8e5ee05a916cc [01ab9840] core audio output error: Audio output failed @4000000056b8e5ee05cf3c6c [01ab9840] core audio output error: The audio device "default" could not be used: @4000000056b8e5ee05cf8a8c No such file or directory.

Make More Room in Google Calendar for Automatically Updating iCal Feeds

Go to your calendar settings and set your 4 day custom calendar to either 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much space you need per day. That calendar will morph into the style of the monthly calendar, just with more space for events.Then you can use awesome custom iCal feeds that automatically update, like: Movies & TV: DVD Movies Blu-ray Movies Custom TV Show Schedule This one is a bit more difficult and requires you to host a php script on a web server (which I can provide through my hosting company), but it’s my favorite and the single most useful thing I’ve ever added to my Google Calendar (I used to track TV shows manually before).

Setup Guide for AC-7 Wireless DAW Control Surface

The information for setting up this iPhone app on XP with Reaper is very limited. Here is a quick guide.Installation: So far I’ve only got this to work on XP because I don’t know of a midi loopback driver with Windows 7 support that has multiple inputs and outputs. Install DSMIDIWiFi. Install Midi Yoke (the loopback driver). Reboot (otherwise the new midi drivers won’t be visible). First time setup:

The man behind the Zero Punctuation intro music

Ian Dorsch is the man behind the Zero Punctuation intro music. Links: Website MySpace= Audio Sample: [audio:]

Post-rock: The genre no one knows about

Post-rock is a genre of music that goes along with a certain philosophy, and that is if you take out the singer, it forces the band to play better music. In my personal opinion I think almost every singer ruins almost every band. On a whole other level, if you take out the singers from the music you hear on the radio today, you’d be bored to tears with all the boring, uncreative and shitty music that’s become way to popular and just needs to die quickly.

Reflexer - City of the Sun [New Song Demo]

My latest song, obviously incomplete if you listen to the whole short thing. Cakewalk was glitching out on me and buzzing all the time so I got fed up and just left it in as the outro :) (Bandcamp)[]

My New Rickenbacker 360 JG!

I set out today to get something different than my other guitars. I have a 12 string acoustic, a 6 string travel acoustic, a 6 string Epiphone Explorer and an ESP 7 string. This definitely is different. It’s a hollow body, with lots of controls, looks completely different, has smaller frets, glossy fretboard and a bunch more. It sounds different than anything I have and the tone controls are better than anything I’ve used on regular guitars.

Christmas music that doesn't suck!?

**A Very Ping Pong Christmas - Funky Treats From Santa’s Bag **by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra Probably my favorite artist as of lately has made a Christmas album, in the same style as his other albums… stylish retro funky jazz. It’s Christmas music that doesn’t suck, I swear! Links: Amazon (has sample clips) (info about Shawn Lee) Review: One of the funkiest Holiday albums you’ll ever hear – a great set of instrumentals that’s every bit as great as the other work by Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra, but which has a special Christmas focus as well!

Find cool things to listen to with - has a player that plays random music based on what you search for, and shows lots of info about who’s playing so you can go find more music by them.