One app for all home automation

Home Assistant is the tool for you. Required: It’s software that requires you to run at home, but don’t worry, you can do it with ~$70 worth of Raspberry Pi. What you can do: Link up pretty much every home automation service together in one app. Group lights or devices together with a single switch on the app, even if they’re made by different manufacturers! Create rules like “if my living room is > 24 C, turn on the air conditioning” Bonus tips:

Ceph Bluestore is slow for me

When we upgraded our Ceph cluster from filestore to bluestore, our iowait went through the roof. Users were complaining about their web pages hanging all the time and all sorts of issues. This year in iowait: Between May and June we upgraded to Bluestore. The iowait seems to have slowly crept upwards after that. In September we added a bunch of SSDs and moved all our running VMs to them.

Copy lots of little files fast in Windows

Use RichCopy. It’s a Microsoft tool that is multi-threaded. You can set how many files/directories to copy at once and it can really max your performance. I’m using it to clone a drive. Normally I would just use Acronis for this, but I’m copying from a hard drive to a Windows Storage Space (which isn’t supported by Acronis 2017). Update: As I’m working on transfering 3TB of all types of files, I’ve noticed that using FreeFileSync specificially with a filter limit on file size (100MB at first then down to 10MB for a second pass) seemed to be the most efficient way to transfer all the larger files.

Make More Room in Google Calendar for Automatically Updating iCal Feeds

Go to your calendar settings and set your 4 day custom calendar to either 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much space you need per day. That calendar will morph into the style of the monthly calendar, just with more space for events.Then you can use awesome custom iCal feeds that automatically update, like: Movies & TV: DVD Movies Blu-ray Movies Custom TV Show Schedule This one is a bit more difficult and requires you to host a php script on a web server (which I can provide through my hosting company), but it’s my favorite and the single most useful thing I’ve ever added to my Google Calendar (I used to track TV shows manually before).

Backup solution with WinRAR and a batch file

I wanted to make the perfect manual backup solution in a batch file, so here’s the code. Just make a file called backup.bat and paste this text into it. You might have to change a few of the file paths and stuff though. What it does: Offers to make an exact copy of what files exist now, or lets you continue and add new files that aren’t in the backup archive yet (assuming it’s you’ve ran it before) Lets you pick a file name once at the top rather than having to type it in multiple places.

Vista doesn't suck!

So soon everyone forgets that when Windows XP came out, for years everyone complained about it and told everyone to stay away and use Windows 2000? Now those same people are telling others to use XP instead of Vista, when there isn’t any major issues with it. The only problems I’ve had was ONE driver issue, which I solved. If you’re getting a new system, Vista should work fine on it.

Find cool things to listen to with - has a player that plays random music based on what you search for, and shows lots of info about who’s playing so you can go find more music by them.