Best way to organize your junk

Do you have a bunch of random things stored somewhere, but you have to look in each box to find the thing you’re looking for? Look no further than Sortly. It’s an app that lets you quickly shoot pictures of your things before you stash them away. Get some bins and label them (Ikea Samla tubs are very affordable). Create them in the app and put your items in them.

Reduce Email Notifications

Sick of getting so many notifications for emails? Have you turned off email notifications because of this? I have a few tricks: Only be notified on important emails Create a filter for anything that contains “unsubscribe” in the message. Set it to “mark as read”. You will no longer be notified about any generic notification emails, newsletters, etc. There’s an app for unsubscribing Use the app to go through your email and:

Boot Acronis with USB on an EEE PC

There are a few basic guides: powerex’s guide where you format with an HP tool ziggywas’ tip to format with PeToUSB (The following step to those 2 summaries is to just use the Acronis Rescue disk creator) There’s only one small catch. Setting the first boot device to “Removeable Device” doesn’t include your usb stick. Boot with your USB stick and find the list of hard drives in the boot menu, then move your stick up to first place.

Extract Music from your iPod Easily

I used this little freeware app called iDump. Download using the “Executeable only” link. Take that file that you downloaded and put it on your iPod with Windows Explorer/My Computer. Open it up and it should show you your songs.

'03 Acura TL Xenon Headlights, Keyless Entry - DIY FOOL!

I spent $150 for keyless entry when you can buy them online with instructions for only $35 USD. I was offered $200 to replace each Xenon HID headlight and passed. Lucky I did because I found a pair of Philips lights online for $88 USD. Probably a whole number of other things that are way over priced, yet easy to do it yourself. Look it up before getting stuff from the dealer.

Disable Auto playing the next podcast on iPod's

The new iPod’s play podcasts continuously, so if you decide to go to sleep with an hour-long podcast going and fall asleep, you’ll wake up with a whole bunch more podcasts marked as played that you never actually listened to. The solution: Go to the main menu, then change the Shuffle setting from “Off” to something else. I picked “Albums”. This stopped my podcasts from playing over and over again.

Make icons in Photoshop (Free plugin)

Toby Thain has made a free plugin for Photoshop that lets you save graphics as .ico files. It’s not over the top like some plugins, its just real basic save as, pick the sizes, etc. Download it here.

Make your Wordpress site faster (easily)

What: There’s a feature called “gzip” that’s installed by default on most web servers. Modifying your site to make use of it can really speed up the performance. How much faster? Try the quick and easy mod_gzip tester by Just enter the URL and it will tell you how much faster it would be. How to enable it in Wordpress: It’s easy! Just grab the plugin called Gzippy and install it.

Getting "As low as" on Magento unexpectedly?

It’s just a caching issue. All you have to do is go to System -> Cache Management and then click the refresh button next to “Layered Navigation Indices”.

Speed up Magento by ~235%

How to REALLY speed up your Magento site: The information below on enabling gzip compression will improve your speed a bit, but if you are using a bargain basement web host then that could be a major factor as well. XPC Web Hosting provides advanced technology for speeding up your sites with performance tuned servers in both the USA and Canada. Some of our latest improvements include nginx which speeds up image loading and our database backup system that creates two backups a day and stores off-site archives for 30 days in case of emergency.