Windows to Ubuntu

Search Everything in Ubuntu

I’ve always used Search Everything in Windows. Now that I’m using Ubuntu I’ve discovered fsearch is designed completely based off of Search Everything.

Tile windows in Ubuntu better than Windows can

With the Gnome extension ShellTile (available on the snap store), you can hold down CTRL and drag windows to the corners of your screen(s). This lets you not only divide windows into quarters, but also vertical halves which is something I could never get working in Windows 10.

Change git from HTTPS to SSH

(Optionally) First check your URL’s: git remote -v You can change it with the following: git remote set-url origin (Optionally) Then check again: git remote -v

Develop on remote servers directly with vscode

This is just a quick note to myself on how to accomplish this: Have ssh available on source and host systems. Have your ssh keys set up on your system and the remote system. Install the plugin Full documentation here.

Macros and animations for Corsair devices on Ubuntu

Use ckb-next to regain functionality of your Corsair devices: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tatokis/ckb-next sudo apt-get update sudo apt install ckb-next

Ubuntu Taskbar Click to Minimize

Run this command: gsettings set click-action 'minimize'

VSCode Fixing Mouse

Modify your settings "settings": { "editor.selectionClipboard": false, } You may have to install the extension that imports Sublime settings after.