Managing Family Photos & Videos

Ingesting Media


We use PhotoSync (iOS/Android) for mobile to automatically dump all photos and videos to my computer automatically.

Check out how my tips and tricks for PhotoSync


I use Photo Mechanic to automatically import my camera photos. This is a huge performance benefit over using Lightroom to import.

  • Automatic import upon insertion of SD card.
  • Lightning-fast viewing, rating and deleting photos - something Lightroom can’t do.

Organization & Rating

I rate my photos with a specific system so hopefully thousands of photos later, way in the future it will still be easy to find the good shots.

Check out how I rate my photos.

Publishing & Sharing

I use SmugMug (paid) to store all my fully edited photos online in full quality.

I have a folder full of all of my galleries that contains all 3-star and up photos. This entire folder is unlisted but visible with a link. I’m able to maintain privacy but still share an album just by sharing the link to it. Slick!

All the galleries are created within Lightroom using a Plugin, and everything is just like regular galleries but with a publish button.

Disaster Planning

I use Backblaze ($6/month) to back up my entire PC to the cloud which will prevent the worst-case disaster from happening. Keeping extra copies locally is also a pretty smart idea, disconnected from the computer whenever possible.

Ryan Anstey
Creative Technologist