Reduce Email Notifications

Sick of getting so many notifications for emails? Have you turned off email notifications because of this?

I have a few tricks:

Only be notified on important emails

  • Create a filter for anything that contains “unsubscribe” in the message.
  • Set it to “mark as read”.

You will no longer be notified about any generic notification emails, newsletters, etc.

There’s an app for unsubscribing

Use the app to go through your email and:

  • One-click unsubscribe to emails.
  • Roll up emails into a single email so you get less notifications.

Manual unsubscribing

See an email you don’t care for? Just scroll down and click unsubscribe! It doesn’t take long for all the junk email to go away.

Problems with other junk mail

My only solution is to use Gmail. It has the best spam filter.

Ryan Anstey
Creative Technologist