My Import Workflow for Lightroom

Importing All photos from my “pro” camera go into one folder, I let Lightroom sort it out. Add to a dated collection. Example: Collection Set: “2019 Q3” Collection “2019-08-13 Baby Photos” After importing Select all photos in collection set, mark them as “Flagged”. Review all photos: Use the U key to “unflag” photos that aren’t good enough to be shown to the client. Use the X key to flag bad pictures that could potentially be deleted in the future (ie.

Ranking guide for Lightroom

Rate your photos as such: Stars Stars Rank Note ***** BEST Reserved for the best photos ever taken **** GREAT Turned out better than expected *** NORMAL A standard shot that turned out as expected ** MEH Didn’t turn out as well as expected (maybe keep it though) * CRAP Shot didn’t work out / sucks… delete me Flags Stars Note Picked Shareable with the client Unflagged An extra shot, not bad or good, just not worth sharing with the client Rejected Should be deleted (out of focus, bad shot, etc.